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authorTerrence Duane Richburg, Sr., an up-and-coming contemporary Christian writer and author, is best known for his prolific talents in the music industry, specifically as an accomplished producer, arranger, composer, musician, and Gospel Jazz recording artist.  Terrence’s musical roots stem from being the son of former Atlantic recording artists The Richburg Singers which include Wilhelmina and John, as well as Julius Richburg.  He is also the nephew of Jazz vocalist legend, Ronnie Wells.

Richburg is founder and CEO of RichEscape Music, LLC, a Stellar Award-nominated independent record label, production, and publishing company, which highlights newly emerging talent primarily in the Gospel, Gospel-Jazz, Inspirational, and Praise and Worship genres. Terrence chronicles a vast history in the Gospel and Jazz communities, having worked with an extensive array of national artists, brilliant producers, and exceptional musicians.

In the world of literature, Terrence is a gifted poet and freelance writer who has written reviews as well as articles for,, The D.C. Gospel News Update E-zine and The Tehillah Report published by Tehillah Enterprises, Inc.  Richburg has also written dozens of articles for his own online E-zine publication, Terrence is well sought after as an industry authority and resource for all things Gospel Jazz.

Moved to blend his gift for songwriting and as a lyricist who loves poetry and the written word, Richburg was inspired in 2009 to pursue a new but related career in literature.  Intimacy: Missing “Peace” in the Puzzle of True Love & Close Relationships marks Terrence’s first major literary debut as an author—in which he draws heavily upon his own personal and professional life experiences, the spiritual foundation and emotional inspiration of the Bible, and the inherent power of heart-felt lyrics of songs he has composed.  The result is a profound vision of the deep intimate nature of close human relationships.

Richburg invites readers to explore the true power of intimacy as experienced in contemporary life situations, and examine its depth and dynamic application within human relationships. He also presents an investigation of why God’s view of intimacy is so essential, both for today and for all eternity!

Terrence is already in the process of writing and planning sequels to this his first effort, as well as releasing collections of his poetry, novels, children’s books, and music-related literary offerings, as God inspires.