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bookCoverSo what do you do when this thing called life breaks down and falls apart at the seams? What happens when all your efforts to cope only bring temporary peace and contentment in the face of certain failure?  How do you attempt to solve “the puzzle” and put all the pieces back together again?

Explore the true power of intimacy as experienced in contemporary life situations.  Examine its depth and dynamic application within human relationships and investigate why God’s view of intimacy is so essential, both for today and for all eternity.

Enter the world of intimacy at your own risk; you may just find exactly what you’re looking for, or you might just find precisely what you weren’t expecting.

from the pages of Intimacy:

Regrettably, this weekend represented what had become somewhat of a perpetual routine for Chris and Amanda.  It began sometime ago—an appointment of intrinsic fate, habitual yet not apparent to them.

Even so, with an air of understatement emerging, on this particular weekend things would prove to be just a little different somehow, for they were destined to live in the impossible.

Amanda and Christopher were about to encounter a miracle of incomparable proportions, both independently and together.  This day of all days would prove to be the turning point—the one day that would change their lives forever.

Like a rope tightly woven of thin silk strands of time and suspended reaction, it all appears fragile at a glance and a stare.  But its strength may only be recognized through a blind touch in the dark.